On the Farm · 20. gennaio 2021
Recipes · 12. gennaio 2018
After spending a relaxing day harvesting mirto and walking around the woods of La Cera we had to do something with all the berries, so we decided to use eight chilograms of mirto to fix the traditional sardinian liquor and about six chilolograms to fix jam. For now I will only describe the process to make jam since to make mirto, berries need to rest under 90° alcohool for at least three months. So here's my recipe I hope you will enjoy it 😃
On the Farm · 07. gennaio 2018
Christmas holidays just ended and winter season is ahead of of us with all kind of things to do on the farm. December and January are the months during which we usually harvest mirto berries to fix the typical sardinian liquor called mirto and a delicious jam which of course you could only taste by coming on our farm camping 😋 Here are some pictures of us picking berries and cutting wood to heat up the house. I guess you thought we went to the beach 🏖 all year long in sardinia, well I'm...